Announcing the Skillforge

The Skillforge
The Skillforge

Quinn Murphy of At-Will is busy guy.  Not only is he a prolific blogger on At-Will, but he has created the 4e D&D specific forums 4eTopia and now he is introducing the Skillforge.  The Skillforge consists primarily of two things:  The RSS feed with the latest skill challenge articles from a number of blogs, and a database application that lets the community share skill challenges.  The Skillforge is currently barebones since it just went live.

So while the database portion of the site has yet to be grown, the feed portion works pretty well.  It is of course dominated by many of Quinn’s very own articles on Skill Challenges (I consider him the RPGBN’s resident authority on Skill Challenges), but if you have any Skill Challenge related articles, I recommend you contact Quinn and ask how you can share your stuff (tag any SC posts as “skill challenge” and give him the feed for that category).

Of special note is a FREE PDF that compiles the 14 part Skill Challenges of War series Jonathan, Quinn, and I collaborated on way back in December and January.  Yeah, that is before anything on the subject ever showed its face on DDI!  Anyways, I finally managed to put together the e-book which can be found for free in the Downloads & Resources section of the Skillforge.  So go check it out!

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