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Because of their default structure, blogs are not very well suited for allowing users to find older or related content. WordPress tries to mitigate this fact with elements like categories and tags and there are quite a few plug-ins available that guess at what might be related material, but I think it benefits both the blog and its readers, especially new ones, to occasionally revisit the best posts.

Instead of reposting the original content, I will be creating a few synopsis posts that gather together a bunch of relevant topics that link to the original content. I will probably end up making a dedicated page(s) to collect these posts to make it easier for readers to find more of what they are looking for.

Online Resources

The Online Resource category is probably the most visited category of Mad Brew Labs. In the last year and half that the Labs has been operating, I have occasionally gathered together massive lists of resources of various themes to make it easier for readers to find the stuff they need for their games.

Look for me to begin converting all the resources that are not available in a database format (currently, any non miniature resource) into sortable databases.

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