Interviewed on Blue Yonder Podcast

Blue Yonder Podcast
Blue Yonder Podcast

Blue Yonder is a podcast concerning general geekery like Star Wars/Trek, sci-fi/action movies, and general gaming. Wednesday, their 22nd episode went live and it features an interview with me, where I talk about RPGs and Gen Con.

I did get some information wrong, due to not having it not readily available to me and speaking from memory (which mine can be rather hazy) and gut feeling. I’d like to clarify that GenCon didn’t come to Indy until 2003 and it’s I6 Ravenloft (not I9, which is Day of Al’Akbar). Most of anything else is just my opinion of whatever topic we’re discussing, so don’t take it as gospel truth.

Besides the interview with me, the guys at Blue Yonder have another cast focusing exclusively on Roleplaying Games. I’m also providing a list of their other episodes which many readers might find interesting too:

Listening to: Kingdom of Sorrow – Behind the Blackest Tears – God’s Law in the Devil’s Lan

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