Choose Your Own Adventure

Before I ever touched a set of polyhedral dice, I read the Endless Quest books from TSR. My mother had purchased a set of them at a yard sale based purely on the fact that they had dragons and whatnot on the covers (I was a big fan of fantasy art, especially dragons).

EQ #13 - Dragon of Doom
EQ #13 - Dragon of Doom

The first book I remember reading was EQ#13: Dragon of Doom. It was probably that book that single-handedly gave me an unsatiable appetite for storytelling and adventure gaming that eventually led me to the world of roleplaying games via Dungeons & Dragons.

I still have a handful of Endless Quest books and I am always on the lookout for more (so if anyone has any that are looking to unload them, let me know).

Fast forward about fifteen years to when I was teaching myself Actionscript and needed a simple project to practice states and frame changing. I remembered those classic days of choosing my own adventure path with Endless Quest books and decided to make a short tribute to those books that sparked my passion for the roleplaying game hobby.

While backing up my system, I just happened to stumble across my Flash version of a Choose Your Own Adventure book and figured I would share with my readers. Also, I am aware of several spelling errors, but I haven’t had the opportunity to revisit the project to make changes.

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