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This is the first in a series of articles where I scour the web in search of useful resources for popular systems.  I figured I would start with one if the newest systems, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.  I chose D&D 4e because it was the newest, and therefore probably the easiest to get a handle on.  In spite of its youth, there are a lot of people and companies producing great tools and resources for the 4e gamer out there.


Custom Classes & Races

Character Generators

Character Sheets

Power Cards

Combat Managers




  • Tools for GMs – A Google Group with odds and ends like condition and hazard cards
  • The Core Lists – More lists from Jonathan @ The Core Mechanic including adventures, rituals, & templates
  • The Gamer Dome – A FULL index for the 4e PHB (better than the one included!)
  • The Gamer Dome –  Another awesome index, this one for the 4e FRCS
  • MadBrewLabs – I have a list of virtual table tops/digital game tables right here
  • Asmor’s Random Encounter Generator – Generates random encounters for 4e
  • Alroon’s Passive Skill Tracker – A nice sheet to track player’s passive skills, in care of ADnD Downloads
  • 4e Fan Publishing – Icons & Fonts for powers and attacks
  • 4e D&D Player Reference – Cribbed notes on everything

D&D Insider

  • Vaporware?
  • Dragon & Dungeon magazines – stopped the press and moved them online
  • D&D Compendium – search for rules (but you better know what you are searching for!)
  • Encounter Builder – generate encounter lists
  • Ability Generator – build stats for character generation
  • Character Visualizer – NOT AVAILABLE (make 3d models of your pc)
  • Character Builder – now available
  • Dungeon Builder – NOT AVAILABLE (build 3D dungeons maps)
  • Game Table – NOT AVAILABLE (import your dungeons to this virtual game table)

This list is obviously not even close to being complete, but it is the extent of resources I am aware of.  I haven’t listed any generic resources, as I plan on writing an article specifically aimed at general RPG tools. If you have something that you would like added or know of something I missed, drop a comment.

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31 thoughts on “D&D 4e Online Resources


    this is sooooo bookmarked. THANKS for all the linx! Excellent! Someone should have done this a long arse time ago… oh wait, 4E is only 3 months old – /clap NICE JOB! =D

    sorry.. i’ve had about 5 cups of coffee

  2. Great resources! I plan to take the time to go through all of these to see which`ll benefit me the most. Thanks for taking the time to compile the list.

  3. @Scott: Cool. I thought I had seen another Monk class out there. I think there is a barbarian class floating around too.

    @Czar: You welcome, I hope some of them come in handy for you.

    I’d also like to thank and give some praise to the people that created these tools as well.

  4. @Labs: There are quite a few new and revamped classes floating around — the Wizards forum had a Ki (I think) defender, the Wulin Xia (or something like that) that was really good. I’ve also seen a completed druid (controller, not shapeshifter) and barbarian that were pretty good.

    There’re a bunch that are poor quality or badly balanced (there are at least three other monks that I’ve seen, none of which I’m too fond of), but there’re also some quality classes out there.

  5. This is pretty impressive. A nice collection of useful tools and miscellaneum. I’m bookmarking this site because I’m definitely going to be using the to help build my Campaign Setting. When I’m done with it all, I’ll make a site so anyone can use it and hopefully it’ll make it’s way back onto this list.

    Again, good show mate.

  6. Just got into 4d DnD. Can’t wait to use this.


    WarriorNation.net, 2500 member strong video gaming clan. We support 40+ games. Dungeon and Dragons online included =D

  7. Bah, I’ve been wrapped up building a new home for the blog and neglected my readers…

    @Josh: Can’t wait to see your setting. I am creating a campaign setting as well, “The Dead Wastes.” Forging a world can be an intensive, but very rewarding process.

    @Swordgleam: No shame in pluggin useful resources, thanks for sharing!

    @WNxProphecy7777: G’damn, a 2500 member video game clan! I though my ten member UT3 clan was impressive. Welcome to D&D and I hope you get some use out of this.

  8. Madbrew, thanks for the link. We are hoping to have the Epic Tier of the Necromancer ready later this month.

    We also have a great section on Skill Challenges. Our purpose in creating them was to provide DMs with some plug & play challenges for their games. We all know that a DMs time is precious and often everything doesn’t get planned out the way it’s envisioned. As a result our skill challenge section was born. Check it out here: http://dungeonsmaster.com/skill-challenges

    We are also publishing a series of modules which are free to download. Our first one The Magistrate’s Daughter is up and we hope to publish the second one within the next two weeks.

    Wimwick’s last blog post..Skill Challenge: Temple Treasure

  9. @Wimwick: Not a problem, I’ve had it on my to-do list since I read the Heroic Tier, and I am looking forward to the Epic Tier. I am currently collecting Skill Challenges (but Critical Hits beat to the punch on listing them, so it has taking a backseat) and I’ll be sure to add you guys to it.

  10. Shameless plugs being allowed, my site has a crapton of D&D 4e player and DM options, since it is based on a whole new setting with a lot of differing assumptions than 4e’s Points of Light.

  11. Hi!
    The link
    “Pen & Paper Portal Monsters – Some more monstrous goodies from the blogosphere”
    is pointing to my blog (Paper & Plastic)…
    Either I’m stealing readers from them or the name of the link is wrong 🙂

    BTW Right now there’s a lot more than monster ^_^

  12. Another one for your list?

    Apprentice is designed to make setting up and running your Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition encounters simple and easy. It replaces monster cards, character sheets, and other scraps of paper with an easy-to-use web interface that puts all of the necessary stats at your fingertips. Build your database of creatures and characters, then use them to design, populate, and run your encounters.

    Apprentice is currently in open beta, with the first official release slated for June 1. More information is available at http://www.apprenticerpg;com/

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