Doctor Steel for World Emperor

Doctor Steel
Doctor Steel

Are You a Mindless Drone?

Tired of being mired in today’s rat race they call society?  Would you like to finally be happy, truly happy?  Tired of being manipulated by fear, war?  Then help Doctor Steel, reality engineer, cast off the shackles of this boring, dreary world and join his cause!  No longer to you need to be a slave to “the man.”

From the time you were forced to go to school and study subjects that bored the hell out of you, you were being prepped to live the rest of your existence as a slave to consumerism and corporate profit margins.  They slowly drained the fun out of life, and it began with boring studies, then they took away recess, and now they have transformed you into a mindless drone.

Break the cycle and fight back, help Dr. Steel with his plans for World Domination!

Who is Doctor Steel?

Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel is an inventor, visionary, entertainer and future Emperor of the world, with your help.  His vision is more of a world make-over, rather than a world take-over.  His plan is to create a Utopian Playland that encompasses the globe, and all based upon the simple ideology that FUN is the top priority.

Putting the “fun” back in functional is Dr. Steel’s vision. A Utopian Playland incorporates the pleasing aesthetics and entertainment of a theme park with the needs and functionality of a well designed community.

A grand transformation is needed in order to supply the world with such an environment and with that; a new world view must begin to take place. Dr. Steel believes that such a revolution begins with the individual’s perception of reality.

“A Utopian Playland isn’t simply a physical incarnation, it is a psychological one. It is a way of looking at one’s reality. Building a Utopian Playland must begin from within before we march forth towards this grand, new horizon.”

Dr. Steel will make his vision of a Utopian Playground reality once he completes the transition to World Emperor.  He has lots of plans; plans for fun, music, and robots… lots of robots.

How Can I Help?

You can help spread Dr. Steel’s vision of a Utopian Playground by enlisting in his Army of Toy Soldiers and girls may also join the Nurse Division or Toy ScoutsDr. Steel envisions living in a world where fun is the top priority. He imagines a landscape filled with endless possibilities based on the ideology that life should be spent doing the things that make us happy.

Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers are active supporters of this cause. A Toy Soldier knows that by rejecting fear, embracing inspiration and by uniting in a singular focused vision, that the world can and will be transformed into a Utopian Playland.

By becoming a Toy Soldier you are an integral part of Dr. Steel’s success. You are Dr. Steel’s eyes and ears. You are the legs on which he stands.

Only YOU can help Dr. Steel take over the world, so sign up today and begin making this world a better place!

Enlist Today!
Enlist Today!
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4 thoughts on “Doctor Steel for World Emperor

  1. @Jonathan: Yeah, I’ve been debating on whether to post this here, but I figured too many people would find it cool. Glad to see you in the ranks soldier!

    @Dave T. Game: Hrmm, yes I am aware of the events surrounding Dr. Horrible. I can see Dr. Steel’s side, as he does music and monologue stuff, AND was around before Joss Whedon’s Horrible. But they are two different flavors. That and the fact that since the Mad Scientist schtick has been around longer than anyone alive, you can say anyone taking it up would be a rip-off of something.

    BUT in keeping the illusion, was not Dr. Steel’s actions in-line with what a Mad Scientist would really do?

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