Elixer of Restful Slumber

I’m presenting another magical itme for use with the Pathfinder RPG.  This time I wanted to provide an item that was not combat orientated or groundbreaking, but something that emhanced something fairly mundane that usually is not even though about.  This elixer doubles the effectiveness of natural healing during an eight-hour rest period.

Elixer of Restful Slumber

Aura faint conjuration; CL 3rd
Slot —; Price 100 gp; Weight .5 lb.


This potion come in many containers, but always has a midnight blue hue and appears to sparkle.  Imbibing the elixer will double the effectiveness of natural healing during a full night’s sleep (8 hour period) or complete bed rest for an entire day.  So a character who sleeps for 8 hours after drinking this elixer will recover twice his character level in hit points and two points of temporary ability damage per affect ability score.

A character must drink this elixer within an hour before resting.  If the proceeding rest period is interrupted before it is complete, the effects of the elixer end.


Requirements Brew Potion, sleep; Cost 50 gp

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5 thoughts on “Elixer of Restful Slumber

  1. Are there any side effects? Perhaps a character who imbibes this potion takes longer to awaken during those 8 hours if attacked in the middle of the night. It seems harsh, I know, but it kind of makes sense.

    What happens if the character doesn’t get 8 full hours (using the above-mentioned night ambush example)? Do they gain any benefit form this potion or are all beneficial effects lost?

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  2. @Greywulf: Thanks!

    @Ameron: Good questions. I’m not so sure about side effects… as I’m not positive it is awesome enough to warrant them. As for your second question, it relies on the rules for healing during a full night’s rest. Which means if they are interrupted be getting the full 8 hours there are no benefits. It doubles the effectiveness of 8 hours of sleep or a full day of bed rest, not 7.5 hours of sleep…

    Which is why there are not any side effects, the potion could be totally wasted. Though, I do need to clarify how/when long the potion works:

    Does it work the first full rest period? How long can a character wait to rest before the potion wears off?

    Thanks for the comments, they always lead to a better item!

  3. @William Fisher: Two lines under that dark red bar line that says Elixer of Restful Slumber and two bolded words over: Price 100 gp. Where to buy it is up to your DM.

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