Ennie Nominee

2009 Ennie Nominee!
2009 Ennie Nominee!

That’s right; Mad Brew Labs was nominated for a prestigious Ennie Award in the Best Website category! I am pretty ecstatic about the nomination because I’m competing against some big names and excellent sites including fellow RPGBN member Critical Hits, campaign wiki site Obsidian Portal, Monte Cook’s Dungeon-a-Day, and Wolfgang Baur’s Kobold Quarterly website.  That’s pretty impressive considering the number of other bloggers and websites that entered.

I’m asking all of my readers, as well as the entire RPG Blogger’s Network, to go vote for the Ennies between July 24th and August 1st. I would like to see the RPGBN grab the honor of winning this year, so while it would be awesome if you vote for me, I think it would benefit our community if either Criticals Hits or Labs was able to accept the Ennie. If we prove to be the serious contenders we know we are, perhaps next year they will give bloggers their own category.

I’ll remind everyone again when voting opens up, but until then I would like to thank all my readers, the RPG Bloggers Network, my gaming group (what’s left of them), and especially wife and daughter for allowing me to pursue this time consuming hobby!

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  1. @Tony Law: I bet it did take a lot of restraint, there is nothing like passing on news good news like that to people you know. Thanks!

    @Micah: Its very cool to have Obsidian Portal as a fellow nominee, congratulations and good luck to you guys too.

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