ENnies 2010 Choices

ENnies Awards
I voted, have you?

This year’s ENnies Awards are now open for voting! Below are my picks (second place entries in parentheses) and some commentary.

  1. Best Cover Art – Rogue Trader Core Rulebook (Eclipse Phase)
    This year, I think the Sci-Fi settings had the best cover art, hands down.
  2. Best Interior Art – Rogue Trader Core Rulebook (Warhammer FRPG)
    The dark gritty art of the Warhammer universe continues its legacy of powerful imagery.
  3. Best Cartography – Pathfinder City Map Folio (Aces & Eights: Judas Crossing)
    I want big poster sized maps of Golarion. Paizo has some excellent cartographers.
  4. Best Writing – Kerberos Club (Fantasy Craft)
    I have a really big soft spot for Victorian fantasy…
  5. Best Production Values – Pathfinder Core Rulebook (Eclipse Phase)
    PFRPG is really top notch work, which seems to be a hallmark of Paizo products.
  6. Best Rules – Hero 6th
    I’m a huge fan of crunch, and it doesn’t get more crunchy than Hero.
  7. Best Adventure – Pathfinder AP #31: Stolen Land (The Grinding Gear)
    Both of these are old school style adventures. Kingmaker marks the first sandbox style Adventure Path.
  8. Best Monster/Adversary – Pathfinder: Classic Horrors Revisited (Pathfinder Bestiary)
    When it comes to baddies, the classic horrors don’t disappoint.
  9. Best Setting – Kerberos Club (Gobling Markets)
    Remember that soft spot for Victorian fantasy?
  10. Best Supplement – Rebellion Era Campaign Guide (Mysteries of Hollow Earth)
    The Star Wars SAGA went out with a bang when they released the sourcebook for the classic trilogy.
  11. Best Aid or Accessory – Campaign Coins (Gaming Paper)
    I covet those coins, don’t know what I’d really do with them, but they’re shiny!
  12. Best Miniature Product – Alkemy Minis (Fortress of Redemption)
    The Alkemy minis have some excellent sculpts.
  13. Best Regalia – Grind (Buried Tales of Pine Box, Texas)
    A board game of steam-powered destruction!
  14. Best Electronic Book – Shambles (The Great City Player’s Guide)
    It’s about time a game embraced being the zombie!
  15. Best Free Product – Wayfinder #1 (Advanced Players Guide Playtest)
    Wayfinder is an excellent magazine made by PFRPG fans.
  16. Best Website – d20PFSRD.com (Pathfinder Wiki)
    These sites have been essential for my PFRPG gaming needs.
  17. Best Podcast – NewbieDM (Open Design)
    I think Newbie has a great format with his short mini-casts.
  18. Best Blog – Kobold Quarterly (NewbieDM)
    KQ churns out a lot content, that I’ve actually used.
  19. Best Game – Pathfinder (Hero 6th)
    I think the combination of solid rules and great fan support from Paizo make PFRPG the best game.
  20. Product of the Year – Pathfinder (Eclipse Phase)
    I’ve said enough about PFRPG, but Eclipse Phase is a close second because of how they published their rules.
  21. Best Publisher – Paizo (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)
    Paizo has captured many a fan’s heart through their dedication to their player base.

Congratulations to all the nominees and good luck in the voting.

5 thoughts on “ENnies 2010 Choices

  1. Catalyst Games deserves more love, man. Eclipse Phase is great but Shadowrun20th and the Art of Mechwarrior deserves some appreciation too.

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