ENnies 2010 Results

ENnies Awards
I voted, have you?

The 2010 ENnies Awards at GenCon should be called the Year of Pathfinder. While the very awesome Year of the Shadow Lodge event was taking place at Pathfinder Society, Paizo took home 12 awards (10 Gold and 2 Silver and totally swept the Best Monster/Adversary category) and non-Paizo Pathfinder related products took earned Pathfinder another 3 (KW, City Guide, & d20PFSRD) awards for a total of 14 Gold and 3 Silver ENnies! In fact, only a single product from Paizo, Campaign Coins, didn’t place.

The ENnies began with a special a Special Recognition Award to DTRPG for their efforts raising money for Haitian relief… which really recognizes the charity of all the gamers that bought the Haiti Bundle that allowed DriveThru to donate to the cause.

The following is the list of award winners. I’ve bolded winners that matched my picks, but congratulations to all the winners!

Fan’s Choice Best Publisher

Gold Paizo Publishing

Silver Fantasy Flight Games

Product of the Year

Gold Pathfinder

Silver Eclipse Phase

Best Game

Gold Pathfinder

Silver Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition

Best Supplement

Gold Mysteries of the Hollow Earth

Silver Player’s Handbook 3

Best Setting

Gold Day After Ragnarok

Silver Rome: Life & Death in the Republic

Best Monster/Adversary

Gold Pathfinder Bestiary

Silver Pathfinders Classic Monsters Revisited

Best Adventure

Gold Pathfinder Adventure Path #31: Stolen Land

Silver Trail of Cthulhu:  The Armitage Files

Best Regalia

Gold Cthulhu 101

Silver Battletech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction

Best Miniatures Product

Gold D&D Minis

Silver Gaming Paper

Best Aid/Accessory

Gold Pathfinder GM Screen

Silver Gaming Paper

Best Electronic Book

Gold The Great City Player’s Guide

Silver Pathfinder Society #29:The Devil We Know, Part 1: Shipyard Rats

Best Free Product

Gold Advanced Player’s Guide Playtest

Silver Lady Blackbird

Best Rules

Gold Diaspora

Silver Hero 6th Edition

Best Writing

Gold Eclipse Phase

Silver Victoriana 2nd Edition

Best Production Values

Gold Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook

Silver Shadowrun 20th Anniversary

Best Cartography

Gold Pathfinder City Map Folio

Silver Aces & Eights: Judas Crossing

Best Interior Art

Gold Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook

Silver Shadowrun 20th Anniversary

Best Cover Art

Gold Pathfinder Bestiary

Silver Eclipse Phase

Best Blog

Gold Kobold Quarterly

Silver Gnome Stew

Best Podcast

Gold Atomic Array

Silver All Games Considered

Best Website

Gold Obsidian Portal

Silver d20pfsrd.com

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2 thoughts on “ENnies 2010 Results

  1. I’m curious. Is this right? Can a product win more than one category? I’m new to all this…

    Best Miniatures Product

    …Silver Gaming Paper

    Best Aid/Accessory

    …Silver Gaming Paper

  2. Yes. A product can be nominated for more than one category. For instance, Eclipse Phase also had multiple nominations. Winning is just a matter of how many people vote for you. As you can see, the Pathfinder RPG won a ton of awards tonight.

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