Game of Thrones 503 – High Sparrow

Faceless Men - Game of Thronees Podcast
Faceless Men – Game of Thronees Podcast

We’re trying a new format with this episode of Game of Thrones, where we fast-cap the episode before diving into talking points.High Sparrow brought us themes of hypocrisy, irony, and honor: Arya not tossing Needle, Cersei and faith, the High Septon and whores, Sansa betrothed to Bolton, Tyrion’s erectile dysfunction, Jon and beheadings, and Brienne’s revenge.

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Music: Remix Fix have graciously published their metal remix of the Game of Thrones theme song under the Creative Commons license and we appreciate their awesomeness, be sure too check them out on SoundcloudYouTubeTwitter, & Facebook!

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