Game of Thrones 509 – The Dance of Dragons

Faceless Men - Game of Thronees Podcast
Faceless Men – Game of Thrones Podcast

Whoa! This episode, The Dance of Dragons, has perhaps the most brutal death so far in Game of Thrones. Yes even worse than the Red Wedding (at least that killed a boring story arc). We see a father sacrifice his young daughter by burning her at the stake. Michael says he now watches Game of Thrones with the detachment of someone who is watching the Superbowl after their team lost in the playoffs… except replace all the players with murderers and rapists.

On the positive side, it looks like Stannis will get his fight with the Boltons, Jon and the remnants of the Wildlings arrived at Castle Black without fanfare (or resistance), and at least we got to see some flaming carnage as Drogon thwarts a bloody coup when he burninates the Sons of the Harpy.

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