Gamers Give $178,900 to Haiti Relief

Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders

Sometimes it just feels awesome knowing you belong to a community of people that do great things. Today is one of those days. Early this morning I received the RPGNow!/DriveThruRPG newsletter and it contained the following announcement:

As far as I know, and as far as anyone I’ve talked to knows, there’s never been anything like this accomplished before.

We raised $178,900.00

That is the amount we wired to the fine folks of Doctors Without Borders. When I spoke with their representative about this recently, she was literally moved to tears (as was I). And now I want to point out each and every one of our incredible publishers who contributed to the package that accomplished this incredible feat:
4 Winds Fantasy GamingA Terrible IdeaAdamant EntertainmentAGES GamingApplied VectorsArc Dream PublishingArt Fantasies,Bards and SagesBasic Action GamesBerengad GamesBetter Mousetrap GamesBlack Snake StudiosBoxNinjaBrave Halfling PublishingCellar GamesChaotic Shiny ProductionsCrafty GamesCreative ConclaveDane of WarDay Dreamer InteractiveDork Storm PressEncompassErisian EntertainmentEvil Hat ProductionsFabled WorldsFat Dragon GamesFiery DragonFire Ruby DesignsFJ GamingFlames Rising PressFSpace PublicationsFuller FlippersGame Monkey PressGameVeinGeneric Universe PublishingGMC,Grasshopper GamesGreen RoninGreg StolzeGun Metal GamesHex GamesHighmoon GamesHinterWeltJessup GamesJon Brazer EnterprisesJustin AchilliKallisti PressKeck PublishingKnowledge ArcanaLamentations of the Flame PrincessMachine Age ProductionsMagique ProductionsMalcontent GamesMarcus L. RowlandMargaret Weis ProductionsMesozoic PressMystic Ages PublishingNevermet PressNomadic Delirium PressOpen DesignOpen Game TableOtherWorld CreationsPalladium BooksPaper Make iT!Pelgrane PressPeryton PublishingPlanet ThirteenPoint of Insanity Game StudioPolgarus GamesPrince of Darkness GamesRed Anvil ProductionsRhallen EnterprisesRite PublishingRogue GamesShield of Faith StudiosSilent7GamesSilver Gryphon Games,Skirmisher PublishingSkortched Urf’ StudiosSonic LegendsSPQR StudiosStoryWeaverSword’s Edge PublishingTabletop Adventures,The Le GamesThenodrin PresentsThird Eye GamesTricky Owlbear PublishingTroll Lord GamesWorldWorks GamesWydrazYe Olde Gaming Companye

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