Gamers Helping Haiti

If you haven’t heard about OneBookShelf’s (RPGNow! and DriveThruRPG) charity bundle for the Haiti relief effort then you must only be reading my blog or you have just climbed out of your dungeon.

OBS and the small press publishers they partnered with, like my own Nevermet Press, are doing a great thing. And the gamers that have contributed, well, I am simply in awe at what we’ve been able to do. Besides crashing the OBS sites with our massive response, we also managed to raise more than $50,000 dollars in a single day. As I write this, OneBookShelf, publishers, and gamers have raised $85,560 that will go to Doctors without Borders. That’s damn impressive!

OBS is matching $5 and $10 donations but have also supplied a charity bundle for those who donate $20. The bundle retails for $1,481.31 and consists of more than 150 products.

Even if you’re not the charitable type, how can you pass on a deal like that?


Gamers Helping Haiti
Gamers Helping Haiti
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  1. You guys must’ve been one of the first to add something to the bundle – I got the email only a few hours after it sent, and Portrait of a Villain was already on the list. Awesome.

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