Mad Brew’s GenCon 2010 Schedule

Gen Con
Gen Con

Just in case anyone is wondering (and for my own reference) I am posting my group’s schedule for this year’s Gen Con. I’ve left Saturday evening free because I’m anticipating that I’ll be attending White Wolf’s infamous Gen Con Party (assuming it’s happening and/or I score an invite). Either way, I’ll be partying with my wife and some of our friends.

As you can see, my friends and I are booked solid with Pathfinder Society and a couple of quick games of D&D 4e (looking forward to experiencing some Dark Sun). Too bad Green Ronin doesn’t have an organized play arm for Mutants & Masterminds… that would be interesting.

I also might try attending the Meet & Greet at Scotty’s Brewhouse on Wednesday before the Con officially kicks off, but that remains to be determined.

While I have it listed, I’ll probably skip the ENnies this year due to scheduling conflict. The actual ceremony won’t be starting until 8 PM, and since they take more than an hour, there isn’t much sense in attending. I wish they had separated the VIP cocktail party/silent action into separate events for registration so I would have known ahead of time.

Game Code Title Game System Start Time Duration
RPG1010668 #49: Among the Dead Pathfinder Thursday at 08:00AM 5
RPG1010660 #51: The City of Strangers Part I: The Shadow Gambit Pathfinder Thursday at 01:00PM 5
RPG1010713 #52: The City of Strangers P2: The Twofold Demise Pathfinder Thursday at 07:00PM 5
RPG1010645 #57: Before the Dawn, P1: The Bloodcove Disguise Pathfinder Friday at 08:00AM 5
RPG1010654 #58: Before the Dawn, P2: Rescue at Azlant Ridge Pathfinder Friday at 01:00PM 5
ENT1009122 The ENnies: The 10th Annual EN World RPG Awards Awards Show Friday at 06:00PM 4
RPGA1016151 Dark Sun Arenas: Glory and Blood Dungeons & Dragons Friday at 09:00PM 2
RPG1010722 #60: Shadows Fall on Absalom Pathfinder Saturday at 08:00AM 5
RPG1010691 #59: The Rebel’s Ransom Pathfinder Saturday at 01:00PM 5
WWPARTY ??? White Wolf’s Annual Party Drinking Saturday at 07:00PM ???
RPG1010699 #36: Echoes of the Everwar P1: The Prisoner of Skull Hill Pathfinder Sunday at 08:00AM 5
RPGA1016138 Convention Delve: Lair of the Dread Witch Dungeons & Dragons Sunday at 12:00PM 1

5 thoughts on “Mad Brew’s GenCon 2010 Schedule

  1. Sorry to crash a stranger’s blog, but could you explain to me how signing up for the Convention Delves works? It lists 50 tickets available for all of them, but it won’t let me buy one.

  2. Not a problem. It’s a bit confusing for anyone who doesn’t know how the Delves work already.

    You can’t register for the Delves because they are available all the time through generic tickets. They’re quick and the farther you get in a delve the more tokens you receive. Tokens can be redeemed for prizes (like minis).

  3. Oh yes, I will have quite the swag pile! I think you’ll be particularly interested in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting and Monster book I’ll be getting.

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