GenCon 2012 Exhibit Hall Map

Added company logos where booth size allowed (unless it was just a re-seller or anime, then I didn't even bother).

For a list of vendors by type, check out This Just in from Gen Con's Annotated Vendor List.

Dragon Pets 5th Street Games Abbots Hollow Studios Action Sports Alderac Entertainment Group Alea Tools Alter Reality Games Anime Depot/King Roach Anime Gift Anime Klub Anime Palace APE Games Aradani Studios Arc Dream Publishing Arcane Wonders Arcane Wonders Arena Gear Ares Games Armorcast Art of Nigel Sade Asmodee Asmodee Badger Games Baksha Games Bandai America Battle Bunker Games Battle Foam Battle Foam Bawidamann Pinup Bella Sara Co Belle & Blade Blackbelt Bazaar MTG Blind Ferret Entertainment Blind Ferret Entertainment The Blonde Swan Blood & Cardstock Games Blue Orange Games Bowen Dragon 1 Brickforge C&C Games Calliope Games Campaign Coins Card Haus Cartoon Passion Catalyst Game Labs Catalyst Game Labs Catalyst Game Labs Catan Table Chaosium Chessex Chessex Chessex Chimera Hobby Chivalry Games Chronicle City Coffee Haus Games Collector's Cache Cool Mini or Not Cool Mini or Not Cool Mini or Not Cool Stuf Inc. Cool Stuf Inc. Cool Stuf Inc. Cosplay Deviants Crimson Chain Leatherworks Cryptozoic Entertainment Crystal Caste Crystal Caste Crystal Caste Crystal Commerce CSE Games Cubicle 7 The Gamer Nation/d20 Radio d20Pro d20Pro Dagon Industries Damien Miller Dark Skull Studios Dark Sword Miniatures Card World Days of Wonder DGS Games Discotek Media Dragon Dice SFR Dragon Song Forge Dream Pod 9 DriveThruRPG Game Room Game Manufacturers Association Gale Force 9 FoxMind Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero Flying Frog Productions Flying Buffalo Floodgate Games Fireside Games Fat Dragon Games Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games Erfworld Epic Table ENnie Awards Endless World Empire Cards Larry Elmore Edhellen Armoury Eden Studios Echo Chernik Eagle/Gryphon/Acadamy Games Eagle/Gryphon/Academy Games Dystopia Rising Larp Dwarven Forge Game Salute Game Salute News Game Trade Magazine Gamer Concepts Gamer Geek Heroes Gamers for Humanity Games Plus Games Workshop Game Science Game Science Gamewick Games Gaming Paper Gaming Etc. Gary Games Geek & Sundry Geek Chic Gillespie Games Glitch Gaming Apparel Goblin Road Gorilla Games Got Kilt? Green Ronin Publishing Grex Airbrush Gut Bustin' Games Gypsy Rain Studios Half Price Books Hammerdog Games Hamster Press The Haywire Group Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Honeck Sculpture Iello Games Indie Boards & Cards Indie Game Developer Network Indie Press Revolution Infinity Infrno Inkarnate Inkwell Ideas Interaction Point Games Iron Wind Metals Iron Wind Metals Japanime Games Jasco Games Jupiter Games Kaiser Studio Productions Kenzer & Company Kevin J. Herbst Kommando Kilts Konami Digital Entertainment Koplow Games Legacy of Mana Legendary Realms Terrain Level Zero Games Lone Wolf Entertainment Lone Wolf Entertainment The Lotus Guardian Machine Age Productions Magic, Minis & More Mantic Games Maps of Mastery Maranda Enterprises Margaret Weis Productions Margaret Weis Productions Mattel Games Mayday Games Mayfair Games Mayfair Games Mayfair Games Mayfair Games Mayfair Merchandising McFarland Publishers Medieval Collectibles Meltscape MERCS Miniatures Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks Mindtwister USA Miniature Building Authority Miniature Market Mongoose Publishing Maverick Arts Moosetache Games Mr. Nice Guy Games MYNDzei Games Mythical Eras of War Games Mythic MTG NeNe Thomas Illustrations North Star Games Nukotoys Off World Designs Off World Designs Oni Press Optimystical Studios OSR Publications Out of the Box Publishing Pagan Publishing Paizo Publishing Pajaggle Palladium Books Pawstar Pegasus Publishing Pelgrane Press Pendragon Costumes Pens & More Peryton Publishing Plaid Hat Games Player's Choice Game Accessories Playroom Entertainment Poetic Earth Handmade Journals Posthuman Studios Prism Gaming Privateer Press Privateer Press Privateer Press Profantasy Software Protagonist Games Qmomo/Kakulab Queen Games Queen Games Q Workshop Rather Dashing Games RedBrick/FASA Remove from Game Renaissance Fashions Rivet RPG Webcomics RPGWithMe Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images Scallywags International Scarlett's Corset Scrying Eye Games Sea Dog Game Studios Sentinels of the Multiverse Set Enterprises Shark Robot/Snafu Comics Sigh Co Graphics Silver Leaf Costumes Silver, Sword, & Stone Sirlin Games Skull & Crown Productions Skull & Crown Productions Slugfest Games Slugfest Games Smart/Tangoes USA Smirk & Dagger Games SmiteWorks Son of Sandlar Spartacus Publishing Spiral Moon Square Shooters Star City Games STARS Youth Foundation Starwind Design Steve Argyle Steve Jackson Games Strike Zone Stronghold Games Studio 2 Publishing Studio 9 Games Stylin Online Sylvan Creations Talicor Tasty Minstrel Games Asmadi Games Clever Mojo Games Impact! Miniatures Game Salute Atlas Games Cthulhiana Corner TCG Player The End Game Center The Fair at Ragnarock Agate Editions Crafty Games Exile Game Studio Hunters Books & Apparel Paradigm Concepts Pinnacle Entertainment Group Third Eye Games The Five Wits The Game Crafter The Leather Lair The Metamart Upper Deck The Wizard's Wagon The Wizard's Wagon The War Store Thompson Productions Thornhenge Three Geeks & a Needle Tiltfactor Timeless Trends Thomas the Lapidary's Jewelry Tommy Castillo Tracy Hickman's XDM Travesty Games Triple Ace Games Tritac Games Troll & Toad Troll Lord Games Truth T-Shirt Bordello Twilight Creations Two Lantern Games Ultra Pro Under the Mango Tree Journals Unique Unicorns USAOPOLY Utilikilts Warcraft Gaming Center Wargames Factory Wattsalpoag Games We Have Issues! Publishing Weasel Pants Productions White Wolf Who North America Wicked Replicas Wiggity Bang Games Wildfire Games Winning Moves Games Wishing Tree Games Wizards of the Coast WizKids Games World in Chains Chainmalle Worldwise Imports Wyrd Miniatures X Plus Products Z-Man Games Zobmombo!! Entertainment Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

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