Interactive GenCon 2011 Map

Interactive GenCon 2011 Exhibit Hall Map
Interactive GenCon 2011 Exhibit Hall Map

In case you haven’t caught it on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook, I’ve taken the liberty to create an interactive map of the GenCon 2011 Exhibit Hall. You can drag and zoom (using the mouse wheel or the up/down arrow keys) the map and when you rollover a booth, it displays the name of the vendor located there. If you click on the booth, it will take you to the vendor’s website (or if a website could not be found).

I’m hoping this will help everyone in aiding with finding, discovering, and planning this GenCon.

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2 thoughts on “Interactive GenCon 2011 Map

  1. Thank you for putting this together. I’ll be able to plan out the most efficient route through the event space to get everything I want.

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