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Welcome to!  So I finally decided to quit mooching on the free, but limited hosting.  I almost self-hosted, but the price is cheaper than keeping a webhost box running 24/7 at my house.  That and I don’t have to worry about maintaining hardware and updating IP addresses.

I’d give you the grand tour of the place, but I think you are more than capable at finding your own way around; however, should you encounter any difficulties or have any comments, suggestions, praise, et cetera, don’t hesitate to place a comment here.

I’ve had about two weeks to tweak the stuff under the hood, and I have customized the heck out of the WordPress engine (most of which you really won’t see) as well as the fine theme that is making your eyes bleed.  I am pretty happy with how things are looking, but I think I want to change how the comments are displaying and brighten them up a bit.  I am also working on a new banner, but given my pace, it may not be seen for another month.

I know it has been pretty quiet as far as content is concerned at the Labs, but I’ve got some stuff in the pipeline and hopefully I will be cranking out stuff on a regular basis.  I have more creatures for the Mad Menagerie whose DNA is currently being modified and tested in the Labs, as well field reports from the Dead Wastes.  I certainly want to cover some more artists but I also want to do some hard reviews of gaming products and novels.

Well, I think I hear a commotion in the Labs, something is breaking beakers and flasks, so I better go get a handle on things.  Enjoy the new site!

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2 thoughts on “Mad Brew Labs Dot Com

  1. Self-hosting is almost always a bad idea. It’s simply more trouble than it’s worth, and like you said, the electricity has to be factored in.

    Micah’s last blog post..The Awakening

  2. @Micah: Yeah, I self hosted a few things (a MUD was one such thing) it is simply more hassle than it is worth. I don’t have a static IP either, so having to sync that up is a constant struggle too.

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