Nevermet Press has Launched!

Nevermet Press
Nevermet Press

If you have been paying attention to The Core Mechanic anytime in the last month you know that Jonathan (TCM’s blogger) has effectively closed shop to focus on a new publishing initiative called Nevermet Press.  If you have been playing close attention, you will also know that I am a co-founder along with Jonathan, which explains any silence this blog has experienced in the last months.

What is Nevermet Press?

Nevermet Press. or NMP, is a new RPG publisher that takes a couple of innovative approaches to the way we develop game content.

First, we offer a profit sharing program for our content developers instead of the typical one time payment to comission work. This allows us to contract with freelancers (mostly recruited from the RPG blogosphere) to get content developed without substantial, way-of-life-ending overhead while offering an incentive for freelancers to develop the best material they can.

Second, we develop the core product to be system independent and then invite participating bloggers (or even general websites) to develop system-specific components for the core product.  This allows us to more closely connect with the online community which is saturated with a lot of untapped talent.  This mutually beneficial arrangement should allow for many cross-marketing opportunities while also developing the skill and talent of community members.  Not to mention possibly providing stats for our excellent content for use with both the popular and nice roleplayng systems.

Daily Content

We are publishing one or more articles every week day on the NMP blog that can be incorporated into your tabletop game immediately.  Each element will be accompanied by a list of links that will direct users to the extended NMP community sites that have developed and are hosting the system specific content.  We are currently producing two-week publication cycles that focus on a villain with supporting elements such as encounters, organizations, equipment & magical items, genre adaptations (so you can use the material in your favorite horror or sci-fi games), and even original fiction.

Come check us out and if you have any suggestions or would like to discuss our content, start up a thread on the NMP forums.  Don’t forget to follow us on your favorite social network (see our website for an extensive list).

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