Noegnud – A Kobold Quest: The System

Phil, the Chatty DM, wants to launch his own RPG Publishing Studio, Chatty Studios.  Phil likes the idea of the patronage system and was inspired by Wolfgang Bauer’s Open Design.  He has opened his first adventure concept under a version of the Creative Commons license and has welcomed the RPG Blogosphere community to create a version of the adventure for the system of their choice.

Phil has outlined the plot synopsis very well in his articles, so I will not repeat the content here.  Besides, you should check out all the other cool stuff he has going on over at his blog.

Since my own system, Echelon, is far from complete, I thought I would use a modified version of White Wolf’s Storytelling System.  The modifications are simple really; it is merely switching keywords to fit a medieval-fantasy setting and adding a template for Half-Kobolds.  I think I will christen the system mod World of Dark Fantasy, or WoDF for all the acronym lovers out there.

So the first thing we are going to have to do is some renaming.  In the Skills section there are at least two skills that need repurposed: Computers, Drive, & Firearms.  Drive will of course become Ride.  Firearms is also very easy, I will choose to replace it with Archery (though if the campaign world did include firearms, a more generic Ranged would be in order).  The Computers skill is a little more difficult.  But I just happen to have a Victorian Age character sheet handy, and it used Enigmas, which works for me.

While the skill system in the Storytelling games is pretty intuitive, they still have examples of use.  Ride is for handling an animal used for transportation.  Archery is used when making attacks with bows and crossbows.  The Enigmas skill is used to grant additional clues to help solve riddles and puzzles.

The Storytelling System uses templates to extend the game.  That is how you get Werewolf: the Forsaken, Vampire: the Masquerade, Promethean: the Created, and so on.  So my template will be called Creature: the Pillaging.  We will apply the Creature template and then select the Half-Kobold Folk.  Folk is the keyword for a type of Creature, much like Clan, Auspice, and Seeming.  I haven’t given much thought to factions (Covenants, Tribes, and Orders) yet.

I will also create a new advantage called Aptitudes (similar to Disciplines) a Morality called Instinct, a new power level trait called Monstrosity, and a new energy trait called Atrocity.  In future posts, I will provide full entries for the swapped skills, template, advantages, and traits.  I only hope I can devote enough energy to finish it on time.

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