Official GenCon Beer

Gen Con Indy
Gen Con Indy

Local Indianapolis brewer, Sun King (literally a block away from where I work, big fan of their Sunlight Cream Ale) will be crafting the (first) official beer for GenCon this year and you can name it and win a free badge and tasting!

The beer’s description:

Sun King crafted this beer from the blood of an Onyx dragon.  They battled monks from three different monasteries to procure the yeast strains. This intoxicating elixir will give you +5 courage with -5 dexterity.  Dark like the soul of Baal; the hops were grown by the ancient druid warrior-queen Boadicea and provide black currant flavor.  ABV – 6%, IBU – 28

Sun King Brewery
Sun King Brewery

From the press release:

Craft brewing, like gaming, requires an active imagination. That’s why it feels so natural for Sun King Brewing Co. to partner with Gen Con.

Launched in 1968 by “Dungeons & Dragons” co-founder Gary Gygax, Gen Con Indy is the country’s largest gaming convention, attracting biggest names in game design and manufacturing and more than 35,000 attendees in 2011. This summer’s exhibition will mark its 10th year in Indianapolis and its first ever to boast an Official Beer.

“When you work downtown it’s hard to miss the impact that Gen Con has on Indianapolis. It’s a really fun week and we’re excited to make a beer with that crowd in mind,” said Sun King brewer/owner Dave Colt. In 2010, Sun King made Fat Dragon in honor of Gen Con but this year the brewery will level up and make the Official Beer of Gen Con.

If you want to participate in the contest, head over to the Gen Con Beer page on Facebook and enter up to three submissions. The only caveat is that you need to be at least 21 years of age.

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