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Venture Captain

I have finally opened up the online Pathfinder PRG character generator beta testing to the public. You can find the generator at I was surprised the domain name was available (considering all the “make money for nothing” schemes found on the web). I actually plan on expanding the site to host a suite of utilities for use with the Pathfinder RPG including a dice app I’ve been tinkering with that uses true random number generation, courtesy of You can also follow Venture Captain on Facebook and on Twitter.


The character generator is a plain web app. It runs XHTML 1.0 Strict (every page but the contact page validates), CSS2.1, and JavaScript/jQuery. So it should display and render fine on most standards compliant-ish web browsers. The generator exports characters as a small PDF (~40k) file, so whatever platform you are using must support PDFs.

I’ve built the app according to how I plan on using it. I run Chrome on Windows 7 have no issues. Chrome renders JavaScript blazingly fast, but I’ve also tested it on Firefox 3.5/3.6 and it runs fine. On IE 7/8, the generator performs a bit on the sluggish side. I haven’t tested it on mobile devices, because quite frankly, there is just too much information to try to display effectively on such a small screen.


I must stress that the generator is in BETA. There are obvious things missing, as well as ton of undiscovered bugs waiting to be squashed. I am working on tying up loose ends with the current implemented features before slaying the bigger dragons of Equipment and Spells. Oh yeah, and the only guy writing code for this app is me.

Some things I’m working on now is expanding the class feature information presented on the character sheet (displaying bloodline powers, school powers, etc.) as well as creating an interface for missing elements such as being able to choose what Mercy you get when you take the Extra Mercy feat.

This being said, if you find anything missing, improperly formatted, not compliant with the latest Pathfinder RPG rules, or have a general suggestion please do not hesitate to contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or using the Contact page. I want this tool be the best it can be, so everyone’s feedback is important to me.


Below is how I think feature implementation will roll-out. I’m naming the builds after cities in Golarion, with the first build belonging to capital of the oldest empire.

v1.0 [Sothis] Feature Implementation (bold items are finished; italicized items are in development):

  • Ability Scores (point buy, tier points, racial adjustments)
  • Core Classes (alignment restrictions, favored class bonuses, selectable class features)
  • Skills (class skill training bonus, skill focus bonus, racial bonuses, ability modifiers)
  • Calculated Combat Stats (BAB, CMB, CMD, AC, Touch AC, Flat Footed AC, Saves, HPs, Speed, Initiative)
  • Feats (Racial, class granted feats, full prerequisite validation)
  • Equipment (calculate wealth, calculate encumbrance, attack/damage bonuses, highlight proficiency, equip to slots)
  • Spells (select known spells, select memorized spells, calculate DCs, calculate dice/bonuses)
  • Portraits by 60+ Terrible Portraits
  • Save to PDF (complete with calculated values, racial & class features, custom landscape layout)

v2.0 [Oppara] Feature Roadmap:

  • Prestige Classes
  • Traits
  • Language Selection
  • Custom Magic Weapon & Armor
  • Random Bio Generation (Name, Homeland, Age, Height, Weight, Hair, & Eyes) based on Race & Gender
  • Aging Affects validation based on Age in Bio
  • Rules Info (overlays with PRD definitions for class features, feats, etc.)
  • Pathfinder Society legal character validation
  • Save to HTML

v3.0 [Egorian] Feature Roadmap:

  • Advanced Player’s Guide Update
  • Non-core free entry for class, feats, traits, skills, equipment, & spells.
  • Pre-calculated Combat Maneuver & Spell sheets
  • Storage Solutions


Did I mention this web app is free? Yeah, creating characters with Venture Captain costs you nothing (except whatever you pay to access the internet already). It will continue to be free for as long as I feel like covering the cost of hosting and development. There may be pay features in the future (storing characters in cloud?), but only for convenience services, never for content.

If you like it, please follow @Venture_Captain on Twitter and spread the word, like Venture Captain on Facebook, or even blog about it.

Venture Captain Online Pathfinder Character Generator

12 thoughts on “Online Pathfinder RPG Character Generator

  1. This is great. I think I am doing something wrong though – all the weapons are not found except the gauntlet.

  2. @Jericho: Weapons are being developed as I type this. I only published the first one so people could see how it will work. There should be a release on Valentine’s Day with all the weapons from the core book.

    If you follow Venture Captain on Facebook and/or on Twitter you can stay abreast of where things are at as far as the development cycle goes.

  3. Awesome job sir. Even in beta this is the best CharGen for PFRPG I’ve come across. I look forward to seeing it fully formed. Thanks!

  4. I am looking for a character sheet that includes all the Adv Players Guide info. Does this one do that?

  5. @Nasty Harpy: The Advanced Player’s guide won’t be added for a while. If you look at the Feature Roadmap, Venture Captain is still working on v1.0.

  6. Damn, my group is so dead-set against playing Pathfinder. I’ve never played, but want to. I love support & tools for games, and think your generator is pretty cool.

    I’ll be sitting in the corner, weeping!

  7. I have been using a character generator for Pathfinder, but the link for the updates no longer works. Where can I get the current web base address for sCoreGen. This is an excellent generator, and I’d like to have the most current version.
    Thanks for any help you can give. Please put “DandD” or “Pathfinder” in the subject when responding.

  8. Just a quite note, I am making a cleric using this generator, and it doesn’t seem to recognize that you have proficiency in your deity’s favored weapon type. Just fyi 🙂

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