Open Game Table 2 Participant

Open Game Table Participant
Open Game Table Participant

I’m proud to be able to announce that Mad Brew Labs will be appearing in the second volume of the Open Game Table, along with 32 other blogs. The Labs also participated in the ignagural edition of the OGT last year. Being honored twice in row is astonishing to me because not only were there far more nominated blog posts this year, I actually had TWO articles make the cut!

I actually nominated a couple of posts myself, but neither of these were the ones I submitted. That’s really cool since I that means I had at least one fan nominate me. So thanks anonymous fan(s)!

I’d like to thank Jonathan for being insane enough to continue the hard work he started last year when decided to jump into publishing with nary a clue of what it entailed. His experience with OGT is certainly a benefit for our shared endeavor, Nevermet Press (shameless plug: if you’re not subscribing to the NMP RSS Feed, Twitter account, or a fan of our Facebook page, you SHOULD be).

I would also like to thank all the participating artists, reviewers, and editors for the work do doubt most of them are doing for nothing more than pleasure of helping the OGT become a tradition in the RPG Blogosphere.

Call for Artists

If you’re an artist looking for some exposure, Jonathan is looking for artists to help illustrate the Open Game Table Volume 2.

Other Nominees

I would like to recognize all the fine articles that were nominated this year. I know that 375 posts made it very hard for the editors to narrow it down to the final selection.


I should note that while I was a reviewer for the Open Game Table, Jonathan’s process keeps people from reviewing their own stuff and other than Jonathan, nobody knows who the other reviewers are until the process is finished. And from the caliber of many of the posts I reviewed, it makes it that much more significant to me that Mad Brew Labs was selected to be included.

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