Open Game Table 2 Update

Jonathan Jacobs of The Core Mechanic and my partner at Nevermet Press is a machine that never sleeps. The second volume of the Open Game Table is beginning to take shape as this year’s reviewers wrap up their duties. Soon, Jonathan and his crew of editors will begin selecting blog articles based on the combined opinions of more than a dozen reviewers.

A few days ago, Jonathan posted this update on The Core Mechanic:

Open Game Table
Open Game Table

It’s been a few weeks, but I just wanted to let the readers of The Core Mechanic and fans of Open Game Table to know that the review process is entering its fourth and final week. The super secret panel of peer reviewers has, thus far, submitted nearly 600 reviews (!!!), and I hoping to reach 900 by next Friday in a final push to the finish line.

Once the peer review process is over, it’s possible I’ll host a last minute second round of reviews to cover any nominations that were not read by at least two reviewers. So, stayed tuned!

I also want to reiterate my previous Open Call for Artists. If you are an illustrator or graphic artist and you have an interest in contributing to Open Game Table, then please contact me as soon as possible so that I can add you to the list of contributors. Once the final reviews are done, the Open Game Table editorial board and I will be making the final selections to be included in the anthology. After that, participating artists will be asked to illustrate B&W line art specifically inspired by the blog posts themselves. This allows the Anthology to showcase both the best talent in the RPG blogging community, as well as highlight the skills of up and coming artists looking for a means to gain exposure.

For those of you that have yet to grab a copy of the first volume of the OGT, I urge you to head over to purchase your copy today to read the best writing on the web (Disclaimer: I have an article in the first volume, so I may be biased).

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