Pathfinder Channeling Feats

After playing Pathfinder for a few months, I am already hankering for some new options. I have played solely as a Cleric, though at different levels as well as both positive energy and negative energy versions. I love the new channel energy so I have crafted some fine new Feats for the Cleric that should prove very useful.

Augment Channel

Your channeled energy is more reliable.

Prerequisite: Improved Channel.

Benefit: Re-roll ones when determining the amount of healing or damage dealt by your channel energy ability.

Channel Mastery

Your channeled energy can affect both allies and opponents at the same time.

Prerequisite: Greater Channel.

Benefit: Channeling energy now affects both living and undead creatures at the same time.

Normal: Without this feat, you must choose which type of creature (living or dead) your channeled energy affects.

Empower Channel

You channeled energy is more effective.

Prerequisite: Greater Channel.

Benefit: Add 2d6 more dice your channel energy ability damage or healing roll. An empowered channel energy expends an additional use of your channel energy ability.

Enlarge Channel

You channeled energy affects a larger area.

Prerequisite: Improved Channel.

Benefit: Add 15 feet to the burst radius of your channel energy ability.

Greater Channel

Your channeled energy is harder to resist

Prerequisite: Improved Channel, caster level 6th.

Benefit: Add 2 to the DC of saving throws made to resist the effects of your channel energy ability.

Maximize Channel

You can channel energy at its full potential.

Prerequisite: Greater Channel.

Benefit: Your channel energy ability deals the maximum amount of healing or damage possible. A maximized channel energy expends two additional uses of your channel energy ability.

Quicken Channel

You can channel energy in a fraction of the normal time.

Prerequisite: Improved Channel.

Benefit: You can channel energy as a move action. A quickened channel energy expends an additional use of your channel energy ability.

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3 thoughts on “Pathfinder Channeling Feats

  1. Wait… now, I’m not too familiar with the 3.x/Pathfinder rules set, but I was under the impression that a Move Action took the same amount of your turn as a Standard Action. Am I wrong (yes)? How does it really work?

  2. @Aaron – Generally speaking, you get one standard action and one move action per round. This means that if your move action, you still have your standard action to go. Otherwise, the channeling ability uses the standard action and pretty much the only thing else you can do that turn is something that uses a move action.

    @MadBrew – Your Channel Mastery Feat – made me re-read the rules. I was under the impression that it worked that way already, which it quite clearly does not. I’m not sure why I thought that unless it was like that in the Beta.

  3. @Aron: What Bonemaster said. Also, there is a hierarchy to actions, and you can usually “trade down.” To generalize, you have Full Round, Standard, and Move actions (I’m not including swifts or immediates for simplicity). The way I like to think about it is that you begin each round with a Full Round action, which you can trade for one Standard and Move. You could then trade the Standard for an additional Move, but not vice versa.

    @Bonemaster: Yeah, it was that way during the Beta, but they felt it was a bit too powerful and reigned it back in for the final version. I can see a lot of the stuff they removed from the Beta to be conservative will eventually end up a Feats.

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