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Pathfinder RPG

Well, Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG will have been out a month by the beginning of next week and I want to get a head start on compiling a PFRPG Resource. Of course, many people were waiting until the final rules were published before creating anything specifically for Pathfinder. That being said I think any Pathfinder aficionados will find the following resources useful

Official Paizo Resources

Pathfinder RPG Resource Page
Here you will find errata, policies & licensing, character sheets, the character traits PDF, the free Bestiary Preview PDF, a 3.5 Conversion Guide that shows where all the changes were made, and the Council of Thieves Player’s Guide.

Official Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD)
This is an online version of nearly everything released under the Open Game License. The PRD makes quick work of looking up rules and can serve as a supplementary resource at game tables (providing you have a computer with internet access).

Pathfinder Society Organized Play
Join the organized play arm of Pathfinder and be able to participate in official games run at conventions, hobby shops, and in homes across the globe. Of particularly worthwhile note is the link to the PFS Guide which includes faction traits for use with PFRPG.

Unofficial Resources

This unofficial online Pathfinder System Reference Document includes some details the official PRD (mentioned above) does not have. These details include Character Traits and Bestiary monsters. It is also organized a little differently and you can quickly find such things as conditions, special abilities, and traps using their navigation menu. Oh, and they have an instance of Azhrei’s Digital Index Lookup which allows you to search a digital version of the PFRPG index. By the way, they also have download of the full site for offline use, how handy is that? Highly recommended!

Mad Brew Labs’ Mystic Market
I have my own collection of Pathfinder compatible material dealing with magical items. Check out the Mystic Market for new magical item for your Pathfinder game.

Pathfinder DB
I’ll let this excerpt from the About page describe the site:
The Pathfinder Database seeks to fill the role that countless of sources and message boards across the Internet have provided for fan-created gaming content. This site exists specifically for the purpose of providing a collection of fan-created content for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The types of content available could change over time, and the menus above will change to reflect that.

Pathfinder Chronicler
The Chronicler is dedicated to fiction set in the Pathfinder universe. The site does reviews and reports Paizo news, but the main focus is to develop fiction. If you want to participate, you must first become and editor. While I haven’t applied for the process myself, due to my primary focus of Nevermet Press, it appears that the process is about helping each other write better, which gets two thumbs up from me.

Pathfinder Open Game Content
This site also houses an online SRD, but it looks like it is keeping the Beta stuff. However, it does have some PFS authorized Character Traits sourced from the Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax, Empire of Devils.

Pathfinder Wiki
This wiki serves as a repository for official Pathfinder and Golarion canon obtained from the various Pathfinder sourcebooks such as the Gazetteer, Campaign Setting, Adventure Paths, and the various Companion and Chronicles supplements. It has been instrumental in assisting my Co-GM and I develop a massive multi-GM campaign. Highly recommended!

The Book of Arcane Magic – Reborn Soul Sorcerer Bloodline
This is a free PDF from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming that is a web enhancement for sorcerers. Can’t beat a free PDF of character options!

Pathfinder RPG Character Generators

Hero Lab
This commercial software developed by Lone Wolf Development works with many game systems and costs $29.95. The price includes the material for one system of your choice with the option of expanding the product with other systems at $20 a pop. I stopped at their booth during GenCon and was looking at all the nifty systems it worked with and I really want to try it. They have a demo version of it available for download and I think I might take it for a spin.

PCGen has been around a loooooong time. I used it way back with D&D 3.0 I believe. It is a heavily developed and maintained software package that I believe is heading into version 6! I just noticed on their Yahoo Group that they are releasing a Pathfinder data set. Oh, did I mention it’s free?

RPG Engine
This site also has two free utilities for Pathfinder RPG. sCoreGen is a character generator based on the Pathfinder Beta rules, but an upgrade to the final released rule set is in the works. The other utility, adVance, is a spell list manager also based upon the Pathfinder Beta rules. Both utilities are based upon Excel spreadsheets and VB script macros.

Pathfinder RPG Character Sheets & Game Documents

LPJ Design’s Basic Character Sheet
The Basic Character Sheet for use with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is a 2 page PDF Character Sheet resource that players can use to record all the their characters information on. This basic version is free, but Louis Porter, Jr. also has an Expanded Character Sheet on sale for $0.79.

LPJ Design’s Initiative Cards
LPJ also has a free set of initiative cards to help ease the burden of GMing.

Neceros PFRPG Character & Extra Spells Sheets
Alternate character sheet and spell sheet available as PDFs.

Help Mad Brew Grow this List!

It’s nigh impossible for one man to keep abreast of all the new and existing resources available for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, so if you know of one I missed, feel free to leave me a comment with a link to the item. Shameless plugs welcome!

16 thoughts on “Pathfinder RPG Resources

  1. Very nice writeup. A few websites here that look really good that I haven’t used yet (rubs hands together in anticipation). Thanks!

  2. [This is an update notification]

    For anyone interested in a PDF copy of the Pathfinder rules, I have updated “Turbo-PRD” (PDF edition) and made it available at


    * Smaller font so you get more text per page.
    * Somewhat improved layout.
    * More bookmarks.
    * A character sheet is now included (its the official Paizo one).
    * This copy is digitally signed by me.
    * The book is page numbered
    * Pages have a faint watermarked logo at the bottom of each page.

    Come on by and get your copy, as always, for free!


  3. Since you asked for shameless plugs, has new feats, spells, magic items, and alternate class features for Pathfinder, updated 4 days a week, all for free. There’s also a ton of older content for Pathfinder (also free), including base classes, monsters, NPCs, and more feats, spells, and things.

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