Plunder the RPG Blogosphere

Get Some Loot!
Get Some Loot!

The loot is just pouring out of the RPG blogosphere this Spring.  I see some really cool projects kicking off; all heralded (in my honest opinion) by the pioneering Open Game Table Anthology.   We have several contests supported by the publishers.  I hope it is the beginning of a trend where we will see more of the publishers utilizing the blogging community to reach their target audience.  It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Top 25 RPGs Contest

Zachary Houghton of the RPG Blog II finished collecting entries to determine the Top 25 RPGs yesterday.  You know what the coolest part of this contest was?  All you had to do was email Zachary with your picks for the best RPG and you didn’t even need to send 25!  Some random winners will collect goodies donated by some really cool sponsors.  Prizes include:

Crafty Games
Spycraft 2.0 Rulebook
Spycraft: World on Fire

RPG Objects
Darwin’s World 2: Survivor’s Handbook
Blood and Space 2: Galactic Edition
Blood and Fists: Master Edition
One Bad Egg/Evil Hat
Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies
-One Bad Egg PDF Prize Pack (items to be determined)

Postmortem Studios
-RPG PDF Prize Pack (items to be determined)

6d6 Adventure Writing Competition

Hey, the Top 25 RPGs contest may be over, but there are still a couple of cool contests whose deadlines have not elapsed.  A few weeks ago, 6d6 Fireball announced their Adventure Writing Competition.  Chris & Rob are looking for a 3.5 D&D OGL compatible adventure that features bearded devils somewhere in the adventure (minimum 2000 words).

The prize for the competition is pretty slick, not only do you get credited for a published adventure and a copy, but you’ll get 100% of the profits.  Yeah, ALL of the PROFITS.  Hey you might make zero dollars or you might make a couple hundred, but you’ll get experience either way.  The deadline for the 6d6 Adventure Writing Competition is May 12, so get writing now!

One Page Dungeon Contest

Chgowiz, of Chgowiz’s Old Guy RPG Blog, and the Chatty DM, of Musings of the Chatty DM have teamed together to present the One Page Dungeon Contest.  New School & Old School collide to jam on creating the best one page dungeon!  They even provide a template to put your dungeon on.

The deadline for this contest is May 14th and the prizes are too many to list here so go over to either of the blogs and check out the details.  I will mention the sponsors though:

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4 thoughts on “Plunder the RPG Blogosphere

  1. There are a lot of good contests and competitions lately! I think the collaboration and community atmosphere is what I like best about RPGBN–we have a lot of different resources and capabilities we can pull on. 🙂

    Zachary Houghton’s last blog post..Vintage Dragon Magazine Adverts: The Return!

  2. @Zachary: Definitely. I am confident that the RPGBN probably has enough talent to pull off just about anything. I think many of the bloggers will go out of their way to help you out too.

  3. @The Chatty DM: No problem, I need to finish my entry and send it in to you guys! A compilation of one page dungeons is actually a pretty handy resource.

  4. Thanks for linking to our contest! We’re eager to get new entries. The ones we have so far are great and I’m sure it will make a great compendium of dungeons once it’s all finished!

    The Chatty DM’s last blog post..A Basic Goal of DMing?

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