Revised GSL & SRD are GO!

Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast

The lackluster reception of Wizards of the Coast’s Game System License for 4e D&D has spoken volumes and WotC has listened.  They released a news announcement today about how the new GSL and SRD will be released in the very near future (and from the wording, sounds like it has already been changed).
“We recognize the important role third party publishing support plays in the success of the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. We have listened to the community and our valued colleagues and have taken their concerns and recommendations to heart. Our commitment to the health of the industry and hobby gaming lifestyle is reflected in the revisions to the Game System License.”
–Linae Foster D&D Licensing Manager

So it still remains to be seen if the revision is enough to be accepted, but at least they are trying.

3 thoughts on “Revised GSL & SRD are GO!

  1. Let’s really hope they make it as similar to the OGL as possible. It was really awesome in 3(.5)rd edition to see all the different companies making many supplements for all us gamers to use.

    Would you be leaning towards taking Echelon to the GSL if it does away with the ‘Let’s screw the 3rd Party’ aspect of it, or sticking with the OGL?

  2. @ mxyzplk Yeah, let us hope it’s not just minor revisions.

    @ Zach To be honest, I don’t think I’d need either license, legally. They would have to make some significant changes for me to even think about it. My crystal ball says they won’t change enough stuff.

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