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Open Game Table, Vol 2
Open Game Table, Vol 2

You have five days left to enter submissions for Jonathan Jacob’s second volume of his RPG blog anthology, the Open Game Table. The nominations close this Friday.

The editors and peer reviewers have already been chosen, but if you are aware of an RPG article that deserves some recognition, hurry over to the Open Game Table Nomination Form and submit the URL of the post (not just the site). In fact, I encourage every blog author to submit their best article for review.

The inaugural Open Game Table was an important milestone for RPG blogging and I am glad to see Jonathan forging ahead with a new volume. It is also an excellent opportunity to get your work published, so enter your submissions now.

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  1. I am also excited that he’s moving ahead with vol 2. Sadly, nothing I wrote in 2009 was up to snuff, IMHO to be included. But if there is always this year to write stuff that could get included in vol 3!

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