RPG Bloggers Appreciation

I would be remiss if didn’t take some time to thank the minds behind and the members of RPG Bloggers.  As of yesterday, I have been doing this blog for two weeks, with a total of 17 posts, 25 comments, and almost 800 views.  Of course those statistics have more value when you put them into context.

Before I was accepted as a member of RPG Bloggers, I had 14 posts, 1 comment (non-constructive), and about 180 views.  Since being accepted last Thursday to the RPG Bloggers community, I’ve only posted 3 more articles but recieved over 600 views in four days.  I also would like say that I have no idea how many hits constitutes “successful,” (which is a very subjective word)  but I am happy.

So, I want to thank everyone for sharing your readers with me and giving me some exposure.  Now I just need to retain those new viewers as repeat readers, which is wholly dependent on the quality of my writing.  Good news is that it looks like my posts have scored very well with people (by looking at the number and average score of the votes about my posts on RPG Bloggers); I just need to maintain, or exceed, that level.

I invite everyone to come and critique my blog: design & layout, content, & writing style.  And thanks again to RPG Bloggers.  Now I need to go work on my next post!

7 thoughts on “RPG Bloggers Appreciation

  1. It’s a pleasure mad. One of our goals was to increase cross-blog traffic and that objective has been surpassed many times over.

  2. @ DaveTheGame & ChattyDM My hat is off to you gentlemen, I think the site is a wonderful addition to the RPG community. While at GenCon I am going to try to plug RPG Bloggers as often as I can, I bet there are multitudes of gamers out there who have no clue that there are people just like them talking about things they would like to read about… I even thought about flyers.

    @ Patrick I’m sure you’ll be on there within a day or so, and that picture of dice on your site is freakin’ awesome.

    @ Greywolf Thannks for encouragement!

    @ Geek Gazette I couldn’t agree more.

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