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RPG Bloggers Network
RPG Bloggers Network

If you read this blog, you are mostly likely aware that I belong to the RPG Bloggers Network, but you may not have been aware the operators of the network have decided to step down and possibly transfer ownership of the powerful feed aggregator.

If you’re an avid fan of the RPGBN, I wouldn’t worry about anything. Chris Tregenza of 6d6 Fireball is creating a proposal to submit to the soon to be defunct operators. Since his team is the only other proposal I was aware of (the other one having been withdrawn), it seems likely that 6d6 will be hosting the RPGBN soon. Even if the network just closes shop, there are many new feed aggregates popping up such as the Savage Bloggers Network (for Savage Worlds) and RPB Bloggers.

The withdrawn proposal was created by Berin Kinsman of UncleBear. I am going to assume that the RPGBN carried too much baggage (technologically & otherwise) for Berin to want to seriously invest anytime with. So instead, fresh off introducing a new social network for New Mexico fan communities, he has created the Role Play Media Network using the Ning platform.

The RPMN (always room for another acronym) targets podcasters, bloggers, publishers, and their audience and fans. While feeds can be found on the network, its job is not to be a feed aggregator. Its job is to serve as communication hub for RPG fans. So I recommend you go over there and sign up, it already has 220 or more members and growing fast.

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3 thoughts on “RPG Blogosphere Update

  1. Just so you know there have been a few other proposals, they just weren’t broadcast over the google group like the two you mention.

    I believe we broke the 250 member mark, but unfortunately right now we’re not growing at all as we’ve had to close admissions in preparation for whatever happens to the RPGBN next.
    .-= Bartoneus´s last blog ..Inq. of the Week: Frequency of Play? =-.

  2. @Bartoneus: I figured there were more… I meant to say it was the only one of two I was aware of, and so likely a contender to inherit the network. It of course remains to be seen what happens, I just highly doubt that it’s going to go away over night considering there is at least one strong public candidate.

    But if it does go away or goes to somewhere people are not comfortable following, there are other options available and there are probably more to come.

    I knew the RPGBN had at least 200 members, which is monumental because that is pure content developers. I only mention the number of RP Media Network because those numbers are not just content developers (though I assume that makes up the majority at this point) but also just fans. So even people who just read blogs or listen to podcasts should get over there and see if it works for them.

  3. I think I’m just going to wait until things settle down before joining anything now…

    I wanted to join RPG Bloggers Network with the beginning of the new year… and now this happens…
    .-= Lunatyk´s last blog ..Show Me The Awesome =-.

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