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KQ's Adopt-A-Soldier
KQ's Adopt-A-Soldier

It is no secret that I am a veteran, having spent four honorable years as an active duty Marine. So whenever I see programs that help bring a little piece of home to the troops, I try to support it as much as I can.

Kobold Quarterly has the Adopt-A-Soldier program that allows people to sponsor our airmen, marines, sailors, and soldiers stationed all over the world. Trust me when I say that receiving items like this when you’re deployed really makes a difference. It allows you to remember why you made the commitment and the people that are safe at home (because of your service) really do appreciate what you’re doing.

The best part is that KQ is running the AAS Holiday Contest which allows sponsors or just people who want to spread the word to win prizes for their efforts. It’s what we call a freakin’ win-win situation.

So help out our service members by sponsoring a subscription to Kobold Quarterly or by spreading the word through your website or Twitter account.

One thought on “Support the Troops KQ Style

  1. What a cool idea. Something I could get the older kids involved it too. How can they resist sharing their gaming passion with the troops!? That will get them motivated to think outside of their own little worlds. LOL Thanks for the post.

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