The Night before GenCon ’08


GenCon begins tomorrow.  My comrades will arrive this evening, and we will set forth into four days of gaming.  We have booked every single Living Realms adventure as well as the D&D Championship (which I doubt we get far… something about grouping with unknown players…).  This will be the true test of 4th Edition D&D for me.

We finally did things right this year by registering for events as soon as they were available, as opposed to trying to worm our way into seats with generic tickets.  But I wonder if we went too far?  From 0800 to 2300 hours Thursday & Friday and until 0300 hours on Sunday morning for Saturday.  We only have two legitimate breaks, a lunch break for one hour and a dinner break for two hours.  Of course we will end up finishing adventures early, but you can’t count on that variable.

So I am trying to make sure I have everything I need to minimize any insane, frantic bumbling arounds retrieving things like food, game equipment, money, etc.  So I have a list I am checking off, that kind of looks like the inventory section on my character sheets:

  • Wallet
    — $### Cash, (I’m not telling you how much!) for Parking Garage, vending, and exibhit hall
    — ID x3, for recreational purposes 😉
    — Plastic, for Exhibit Hall
  • Backpack
    — Blackberry, so my better half can reach me, find lost comrades, & keep schedule
    — Pencils x5, several someones will need one, and not return it…
    — Paper x10, for notes
    — Dice, multiple sets
    — Character Sheet(s), primary + alts & blanks in case someone calls dibs on a class
    — Laptop, with digital character sheets & PDFs
    — Flash Drive, back up of said character sheets & PDFs
    — Nintendo DS + Games, for boring downtimes
    — Current novel (Warhammer: Vampire Wars), for when I get stuck in a game
    — GenCon Badge, so I can get in
    — Event Tickets, so I can play
    — Camera, for photo ops with the booth babes!
  • Roller Cooler
    — 3 packs of various lunch meat, because its easy
    — 1 loaf of bread
    — 6 Power bars, to keep us going
    — 6 bottles of water
    — 1 Vodkade, for when I have to deal with people I don’t like
    — Ice, to keep it all chilled
  • Vehicle
    — Fuel topped off
    — Cleaned out
    — Alternate directions, just in case some decides to cause a traffic jam
    — More water & drinks

I’ve always hated rolling luggage, but I have decided to turn to the darkside in this instance.  I think we are going to be able to park very close, so we can stash if its not needed; just use it to keep things cool in the car.

This is really just to help me prepare, so if you see something I’m missing let me know!  I also figure it may help others remember something they need if they see my list.

Edit- Oh, yeah, this is just for 1 day.  I live near Indianapolis (practically in a suburb of it), so I will of course have plenty of clothes & bathroom amenities and more food on hand.

Listening to: Metallica – … And Justice For All – One

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