The World of Darkness Online

Expect to see WoDO, or The World of Darkness Online, within 3-5 years as CCP/White Wolf is currently accruing talent to begin development on the new MMORPG.  No doubt many of you are aware of the merger of the two companies that happened almost two years ago exactly.

CCP being the developer of the popular EVE Online, “a player driven science fiction MMORPG where players pilot their customizeable ships through over five thousand galaxies” (Wikipedia).  And we all know White Wolf as the publisher of the Storytelling System of books that includes Vampire: the Requiem.

There was speak of producing RPG material for EVE, but I have yet to hear of anything solid.  And the big deal was that they confirmed an MMORPG version of White Wolf’s World of Darkness.  Bringing a persistent world for players of their Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, and other supernaturals.  If it is well executed, this may be the first time I try an MMO subscription, but we’ll have to see how it develops.

I know first hand they are beginning to hire, because I was contacted by a recruiter for a position with CCP/White Wolf.  I have declined to pursue the offer because 1) I am not a fan of the ridiculus work hours that you put in at a game development house and 2) I am not fond of Georgia, where the position is located.  CCP also has the jobs posted on their site if you are in the market.

Sorry for the short post, but I have been under the weather for a bit as well as working on some projects for the Labs.  Oh, time is getting close, I have a date at the Blogger’s Bloodbath.

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  1. I wasn’t a huge fan of EVE Online. My freshman roommate in college roomate played it while my other friends and I played WoW. We watched him play a few times and he tried to get us to play but it never interested us. Do you think WoDO would be better?

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