Vapors of Colossal Death

Vapors of Colossal Death
Vapors of Colossal Death

Since I have declared this month’s RPG Blog Carnival to be Steampunk & Klokwerks, it would be a good time to reveal my Steampunk influenced submission for the One Page Dungeon contest hosted by Chgowiz and the Chatty DM.  The contest is over and I judging from their tweets on Twitter, they are having an awesome time judging the entries.  The general look and feel was inspired by Stargazer’s 1PD entry, The Horror of Leatherbury House.

The dungeon took me about 10 hours from start to completion, which is a feat considering I was suffering from an uncomfortable bout of food poisoning.  It was late and I was delirious, but my “geek cred” was at stake since I had announced on Twitter that I would submit a dungeon.  I blame any resemblance of the dungeon blueprint to a robot face on bad Mexican (seriously, it was not intentional).

The general idea is that this dungeon is actually the insides of a giant steam-powered colossus, a remnant of some ruined civilization.  The wilderness has grown over the colossus, but the PCs stumble upon some maintenance doors that give them access to the innards.  Should the PCs reactivate the colossus it resumes its program (which can be anything you want it to be).

As far as the graphic design goes, I think I will revisit this dungeon later and put in a layer option to see a printer friendly version (i.e. decent margins and only a simple map).  I would also increase the size of the title and arrange the map better to accommodate the size.  I might also fade the text background to improve readability.  All in all, not to bad for what is actually a rough draft.

Download Vapors of Colossal Death PDF

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4 thoughts on “Vapors of Colossal Death

  1. @Stargazer: Thanks, and you should be proud of that Leatherbury 1PD! It looks awesome AND I think it’s a solid adventure. Trust me, I know we share a love for Steampunk.

  2. Thanks!

    I used Illustrator to create the map, Photoshop for the layout/graphics, and pulled it all into InDesign to publish as a PDF.

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