Warmachine Comes Off the Table Top

Warmachine by Privateer Press
Warmachine by Privateer Press

And onto your video game platform.

While reading over on Stargazer’s World about how Privateer Press has released PDFs of their highly sought Iron Kingdoms books for 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons at RPGNow and Paizo, I was reminded that Matt Wilson and his crew had a big announcement at GenCon ’09.

The announcement was that the rights to create a Warmachine (the wargame set in the Iron Kingdoms universe) video game had been licensed to WhiteMoon Dreams. While the details are vague at the moment, the press release had the following statement:

The new video game will allow players to control various warcasters and their warjack battlegroups as they fight across interactive battlefields from the WARMACHINE world. The game will provide a rich online experience in addition to a sweeping single-player campaign mode that will follow several key warcasters through the epic saga of the WARMACHINE universe.

That sounds like it could very well be a small scale real-time strategy game that will probably have shades of gameplay from Warhammer’s successful Dawn of War series or maybe it will look a lot like the only other game I could find by them, Aftermath. It’s hard to gauge whether or not the game will be good at this point but you can find updates on their game blog and the game’s official website (which only has a placeholder image at the time this was written).

Commander Coleman Stryker render by WhiteMoon Dreams
Commander Coleman Stryker render by WhiteMoon Dreams

I sincerely hope WhiteMoon can deliver the goods for the Warmachine property.

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  1. A WARMACHINE computer game could be awesome, if done right. I hope the developer who is currently working on this project can really pull this off. I have to admit that I am not convinced by what I’ve seen from Aftermath, their last game.
    .-= Stargazer´s last blog ..A Time of War – Beta release =-.

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