Mad Brew Labs has the solution to your addiction for roleplaying game content. Prepare to be strapped onto the op table and dosed with an intravenous injection of our disturbed infusion of Theory & Design.

Theory. The subject is shattered, reassembled, and then shocked back to life at Mad Brew Labs. The Theory freshly revivified by the Labs stalks the RPG community, devastating all that has come before it while the Labs’ resident mad scientist, Mad Brew, pulls the switches, animating experiment after experiment.

Design. Mad Brew Labs applies the lessons learned from its experience with Theory to distil the secrets of roleplaying game design and inject them into its new creations. These innovative creations include fascinating monsters, wondrous items, and original worlds for use at your own game table.

Come see what’s brewing in the Labs before we send Theory to crush the life out of your puny body (and then summarily reanimate it in some macabre experiment).

The Labs is the playground of Mad Brew, a .NET developer that spends his nights developing content for his favorite pastime: roleplaying games.  Michael has a passion for his hobby and he shares it through this blog with kindred spirits surfing the ether that is the web.

Beyond theory and design, Mad Brew Labs also offers product highlights and reviews, cultural commentary, and industry news.  The Labs is always looking for new material to review and projects to collaborate on, so if you have something you would like to share, go to the Contact page and send Mad Brew one of those electronic messages.

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