Tested: Ultimate Toolbox

The fine folks over at Alderac Entertainment Group were kind enough to send me a copy of their Ultimate Toolbox, a book of tables, charts, seeds, and sidebars to inspire and aid the Game Master or player of any fantasy based roleplaying game. This book is far larger than its predecessor, the Toolbox, and is system agnostic to boot. It clocks in at 400 pages, none of which are wasted.

Design & Development

Portrait of a Villain: Tyrant King

The people should hail me as a hero for executing those noble thieves and reclaiming the lands that belonged to my ancestors. But instead they hate me and speak of revolution behind closed doors. Well, they shall repay me with sweat and blood as I forge a new empire! Devils be damned…


The World of Darkness Online

Expect to see WoDO, or The World of Darkness Online, within 3-5 years as CCP/White Wolf is currently accruing talent to begin development on the new MMORPG. No doubt many of you are aware of the merger of the two companies that happened almost two years ago exactly.