Talisman of False Life

As a player, whenever I receive more healing than my character needs I get a little wistful knowing some of it was wasted. So I figured I would create a magic item that could alleviate this sadness, the talisman of false life.  Though I do provide an interesting twist on how it gains its hit points that may prove a hindrance in certain situations.

Talisman of False Life

Aura faint, moderate, or strong necromancy; CL 3rd (4 hp), 6th (8 hp), 9th (15 hp), 12th (12 hp), 15th (24 hp)
Slot neck; Price 1,000 gp (4 hp), 3,000 gp (8 hp), 9,000 gp (8 hp), 27,000 gp (12 hp), 81,000 gp (24 hp); Weight 0.5 lb.


This ornate talisman consists of an eliptical gem set upon a golden sun.  The gem actually syphons energy from any healing energies directed at the wearer.  The talisman provides tempory hit points from this stored healing.

Whenever the person wearing the the talisman is the target of a spell or potion that restores hit points, the talisman receives the healing first.  Once the talisman has reached its hit point limit, the character then receives any remaining healing.

If the wearer of the talisman has temporary hit points from another source, he loses those temporary hit points first.  The talisman also loses stored hit points at the rate of 1 hit point per hour.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, false life; Cost 500 gp (4 hp), 1,500 gp (8 hp), 4,500 gp (12 hp), 13,500 gp (16 hp), 40,500 gp (24 hp)

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5 thoughts on “Talisman of False Life

  1. Wearing this item really becomes a question of risk vs reward. The PC will have to ask himself if the benefits of having the extra hit points will outweigh the negative repercussions. If nothing else, it forces the PC to play smart and really pay attention to how hurt they are and how much extra healing they’ll require to actually gain hit points back. I can already see the vast role playing implications of using this item in-game. The extra quark of having the item loose hit points at 1/hour is a nice touch.

    Ameron’s last blog post..Necromancer Paragon Path

      1. Which is why it’s in the custom creations section of the d20PFSRD under “Mad Brew’s Lab.”

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