Announcing the Skillforge

At-Will introduces a new service for 4e D&D Skill Challenges: The Skillforge. Besides being your number one source for all things Skill Challenge, you can also download a free PDF I collaborated on.

Design & Development

Portrait of a Villain: Tyrant King

The people should hail me as a hero for executing those noble thieves and reclaiming the lands that belonged to my ancestors. But instead they hate me and speak of revolution behind closed doors. Well, they shall repay me with sweat and blood as I forge a new empire! Devils be damned…


GSL Update for D&D 4e

Mad Brew takes a look at the new Game System License (GSL) and System Reference Document (SRD) released today from Wizards of the Coast. Give you three guess on what he thinks of it… the first two do not count.