RPP-401: RPG Community

Recent discussions among the online RPG community I follow and associate with has been focused on social theory. I won’t revisit the topic here. However, an interesting corollary of this recent trending topic is the question of what constitutes a community?


RPP-450: Roleplaying is a Pastime

So what would it take for D&D to become a national pastime? It’s hard to put hard requirements down because there are lots of variables. Recognition, intimate knowledge, and acceptance all play major roles (and maybe seasonal shelf space at Wal-Mart). I suppose A-list celebrities might help. But the complexities, requirements, and buy-in of D&D are too great for this too ever happen.


RPP-099: Mad Brew’s Gaming Philosophy

Mad Brew Labs celebrated its 1st year of existence last Thursday. It came and went without fanfare because I was actually gearing up for a more important celebration, 5 years of marriage with my lovely wife. I was pondering about what I have and haven’t done with the blog in the last year and where I want to be a year from now.

One of the things that I realized I have yet to do is give my readers an idea about what kind of gamer I am. Sure, most of it could be gleaned from how I have presented certain topics in one of the last 141 posts here at the labs. I just think it’s a good idea to write it down and I do it more for my own benefit than anything else.