Game of Thrones 701 Dragonstone

Faceless Men - Game of Thronees Podcast
Faceless Men – Game of Thrones Podcast

This Game of Thrones episode, Dragonstone kicks off the penultimate season. Dany finally touches down in Westeros, Sam discovers a dragon’s hoard and some grey scales, tensions rise between Jon and Sansa about leadership styles, while Arya leaves a wake of devastation on her journey to see Cersei who is doing her best impression of Helen of Troy, who launched a 1000 ships… the Iron Fleet to be exact.

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Music: Remix Fix have graciously published their metal remix of the Game of Thrones theme song under the Creative Commons license and we appreciate their awesomeness, be sure too check them out on SoundcloudYouTubeTwitter, & Facebook!

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