Social Media & RPGs

I think social media has impacted five major properties of the hobby. Social media has increased accessibility to the hobby, decreased the time of distribution, expanded the reach of the hobby, made the permanence of the hobby mutable, and finally, social media has bridged gaps in intimacy between hobbyists as well as publishers & designers.


Growing the Hobby Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who participated in last month’s RPG Blog Carnival, “Growing the Hobby.” Before I get to the participant round-up, I want to present my own thoughts about growing the roleplaying games hobby. I want to make it very clear that these are just my observations and hypotheses and that I really have no hard data to back it up with.


A Well Traveled Gamer

I don’t have much to say about travel within a game, except that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. However, I do have a lot I can say about traveling as a gamer, because I have probably traveled more than the average gamer.


The Labs: It’s Alive!

Mad Brew lays down som goals for 2009 as well as making some interesting predictions for the RPG Industry and the Blogosphere. Do you agree, if not what do you think will happen? What would you like to see happen?