Steampunk & Klokwerks Roundup

I must apologize that it has taken me so long to get around to finishing this RPG Carnival Roundup.  With side projects like Nevermet Press, I didn’t get around to posting as many contributions as I had planned!  Of course, that could be one more contribution, as the site definitely has some Steampunk flavor in the design.

I would like to extend an enthusiastic thanks to everyone who participated and remind everyone that Chris Tregenza at 6d6 Fireball is hosting this month’s RPG Blog Carnival with the topic being the 800 lb. gorilla of D&D.  So make sure you check out what is happening this month.

Roleplaying Pro shows us where to find some inspiriate with the Steamboy animation and touches on some popular games that incorporate steampunk elements such as Deadlands and Unhallowed Metropolis.

Robertson Games offers 4 optional rulse for using firearms in your D&D game: Hit Point/Stamina Loss (with open-ended damage), armor penetration, knock-down, and re-loading. [sorry I missed this the first time around!]

The Dice Bag delves into fond memories of a bloodthirsty Tinker Gnome (of the steampunk influenced Tinkers from Dragonlance) and his evil pain inducing inventions and how WoW marginalized the cool aspects of these gnomes.

6d6 Fireball talks about how his vision of steampunk cannot exist without the British Empire.  From Babbage’s difference engine to British rails, British ingenuity ruled the Victorian day.

Whitehall ParaIndustries weighs in on Steampunk, and why he has never been attracted to what he sees as an often ugly genre.  Gleichman asks for Steampunk fiction recommendations; I would try Whitechapel Gods, The Difference Engine, Perdido Street Station, and if you like comics, check out BattleChasers.

Compromise & Conceit is an entire blog dedicated to chronicling the adventures in a campaign world in which the steam age merged into magic based on infernal conjuring. It is set in 18th century America during the Revolutionary War and is a great read.

Fame & Fortune enlightens readers on the punk side of steampunk and how the eras that it draws upon for inspiration were times of massive social upheaval and change that were created as a by product of the Industrial Revolution.

Gaming Brouhaha highlights his favorite steampunk setting, Iron Kingdoms (which I am a HUGE fan of too, so double awesome!).  If you’re looking for a new setting, you should definitely read MJ’s spotlight on Iron Kingdoms.

MJ also notes that there is a new e-zine for the iPhone/iPod Touch published by Steampulp Publishing. It emulates “the style of the pulp adventure magazines of the 1920s and ’30s, Steampunk Tales #1 contains first-run and original fiction written by an A+ list of award-winning authors.”

Troll and Flame admits his dislike of steampunk but still gives us a campaign idea (plenty of Adventure Hooks and one line Encounter seeds) called Fantasy Rails inspired by the Iron Dragon board game.

Vulcan Stev’s Database discusses some films that could be used for inspiration while gaming in a steampunk universe.  He even wraps up the article with Van Helsing in the form of a Savage Worlds Wild Card NPC.

Aron Broder from Allgeekout, a Nevermet Press insider, details his idea for a steampunk themed superheroes setting.  You have to read some the character ideas, Victorian superheroes for the win!

Steampunk World, a blog dedicated to the genre, puts the punk back into steampunk!  He talks about pollution, violence, and the exploitation child and women.

A Wandering Monster, I pointed out steampunk flavored song/poem by Jeff Grubb of the Alliterates.

A Character for Every Game brings us a metric ton of steampunk posts (thanks for all the great contributions!):

Akronos World has created a Steampunk Mage paragon path for D&D 4e.  Check out the “Want some steam, punk” daily power and Invention of Arcana ritual!

Greywulf’s Lair gives us 6 custom steampunk Gadgets and Gears for Mutants & Masterminds.  The Jetpack Velocipede is definitely my favorite!

Advanced Gaming & Theory loves using bizarre technologies in his games and discusses the nuances of technologies in a campaign.  Did I mention he gives us an old school (AD&D) Greek Fire Canon!

The Gamer Traveler shows us a strange steampunk contraption he encountered at an event in Belgium, a mechanic tiger!  Daniel even talks about turning the real life inventor into a character in one of his games.

Stargazer’s World shares one of his favorite steampunk flavored comics, Girl Genius.  He talks about creating a Savage Worlds version of  the Girl Genius world and then follows up with a Savage Worlds version of the star character, Agatha.

1001 Bobs gives shares some excellent resources for converting the awesome Iron Kingdoms setting to D&D 4e, including stuff for the Gun Mage!

Creatively Anomalous explains his idea of the Otherwhere and alternate steampunk infused reality.  He also looks at incorporating steampunk elements into his world of Apocalypticon.

Unclebear sends three articles our way with:

  • The Tinker-King of Klockworld Street urchins from Victorian London are swept into a steampunk fantasy-land!
  • Gears of the Golden Golem a Biblical era clockwork mecha showdown between the Egyptians’ False Idol and the Israelites’ Golems!
  • The Chinese CoalPunk Revolution In near-future China, a band of heroes fight to overthrow evil Capitalists and return power to the People!

Campaign Mastery details 7 very good steampunk resources ranging from Castle Falkenstein to Wikipedia.

I also posted my entry for the One Page Dungeon contest, Vapors of Colossal Death. A steampunk dungeon.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who participated, and if you don’t see your contribution listed, let me know!

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