UPDATE: Alpha Omega Pricing & Collaborations

There are a few things I need to inform my readers about, a correction on pricing for AO and I wanted to plug (hey this is my blog after all) a collaboration between Jonathan (The Core Mechanic), gamefiend (At-Will), and myself.

Alpha Omega Pricing Correction

I knew I should have taken a closer look at pricing options for the overview of Alpha Omega I did last week.  I had said the suggested retail price of the book was around $55, but Tom Tom McLaughlin of Mind Storm Labs commented that book is actually available for $44.95, and if you happen to be an Atomic Array listener, you can score a copy for $15 dollars less than that.  Which makes this 400 page behemoth only $29.95 if you do the math!  So now you have absolutely no excuse NOT to buy itDO IT.

Skill Challenges of War Collab

So if you happened to have missed The Core Mechanic the last week or so, then you haven’t seen the excellent series on how to run a war with skill challenges in your 4e D&D (or any d20 game for that matter).  Jonathan asked me and, the RPG Blogosphere’s resident skill challenge expert, gamefiend to co-author the series with him.

I can honestly say that collaborating with fellow bloggera has forced me to raise the bar on quality and I think this is probably some of my best “work” and will be considered so for a long time.  If you are looking for some new and innovative skill challenges to add to your campaign you need to check these posts out:

While most of the work is complete, the series has not been published in its entirety yet, so make sure you keep an eye on The Core Mechanic during the next week or so.  This thing is shaping up to be a 10+ part series!  And if war is not an element, be sure to check At-Will for more skill challenges.

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