Blog Necromancy, Or Where Have I Been



Dark Necromancy

It’s been awhile since I’ve greased the gears and cogs that is this old word press with a blood sacrifice. You may have noticed that there has been some activity in the last month or so, with all this Faceless Men: A Game of Thrones Podcast and the Izzy & Mike Show business. Or maybe I’m just speaking with the spectres of subscribers past, or just myself. Like the lich who busies himself with practicing and studying his black art, I have been deep in the dungeon of my own career.  Well, not so much a dungeon as a really fucking awesome tower. A shining tower dedicated to the wares of soft. But also like the lich, sometimes I need to poke my head out and unleash my monstrosities, err, creativity on the world.

What I’ve Been Doing

So yeah, my software development career really took off in the last couple of years, which left me very little time to comment on the roleplaying game hobby and industry. I never stopped playing and tabletop adventure games are still near and dear to my heart, but I gave up punditry so I could focus on writing code and spending time with the people I love. I still did some commentary, mostly of the podcasting variety concerning the hit Game of Thrones television series on HBO, but that was only something I had to worry about ten evenings out of the year.

That podcasting thing was called The Night’s Watch and it was pretty successful (15k weekly downloads and almost 900 ratings on iTunes), but then shit broke down between me, my cohost, and his business partner. Which is why you see a handful of posts about the Faceless Men covering season four episodes of Game of Thrones. I got a new band together and we’re happily discussing that show here. My daughter wanted to share in the hobby, so that’s the other podcast endeavor called the Izzy & Mike Show, and we’re currently discussing the phenomenal Disney animated series, Gravity Falls (when we find time where she is not doing stuff for school or dance).

 Where This Blog is Going

Even though I’m hosting my podcasts here, Mad Brew Labs won’t be all about podcasts, or even Game of Thrones and Gravity Falls. Obviously, it won’t just be a gaming blog anymore either. So what will Mad Brew Labs be? Well, it’s going to be me. You can call it my platform, if you dig that new age marketing jazz. But it’s going to be me, my interests, whatever they may be. So you’re probably going to find a fair amount of gaming (card, board, war, adventure, or video), entertainment review (books, graphic novels, music, television, or film), and storytelling. It might also include some writing about my career (software development), and I might also delve into other things I’m passionate about (conservation, equality, godlessness). Who knows, but thanks for tuning in.

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