Character Builds

World of Darkness Slasher – The Krampus

Since time before the charlatan they called Christ walked the deserts outside Babylon, I have fed upon the terror and the bones of unruly children. My legend is immortal and I shall continue to feast on disobedient pups and wash my feet in their blood. Though my reputation ensures many a child grows into honorable adults, I fear that there are too many bad apples for me to sink my teeth into. Alas, though my power holds, its reach is not far enough and this world shall forever grow worse under the ravages of bad seed.


Wild West Minis DB

Miniatures and terrain are not for everyone, but many gamers like to enhance the visual experience of their game or require physical portrayals of the action for tactical reasons. If you’re looking for miniatures and terrain for a Wild West game, look no further, this article is your ultimate resource. I will highlight few of my favorite figures/lines. At the end of the article you can find a Wild West Miniatures Database that compiles 70+ different miniature and terrain lines

Design & Development

24 Hour RPG: Traits I

This section presents the tools necessary for players to create Legends of the West. It describes the Traits common between all characters, explains their mechanical function, and details how to assign ranks to them during character creation and while adventuring in the West That Never Was.

Legends of the West does not employ levels or classes; all characters are built Trait by Trait from the ground up. The currency by which these Traits are increased is called Experience (XP). The Judge will hand out Experience whenever she sees fit, either individually or to the group.

Design & Development

24 Hour RPG: Core Mechanics

I’ve nominally decided to call the game Legends of the West. In this post I’ve cooked up a core mechanic that seeds normal distribution (bell curve of success) with the ability for any action to succeed, albeit with slim probability. Later, I’ll add ways to improve chances with additional mechanics.

Design & Development

24 Hour RPG Live Blog

Today, I’m kicking off a 24 hour challenge where I develop a entire RPG, starting now (noon) and ending tomorrow at noon (EST). So, while I cannot help but to have thought about what I want to explore, I have yet to write anything down. The rules I want to create will be suitable for roleplaying in the historical Old West, but easily expanded to include elements of Fantasy, Horror, and Weird. If I have time, I’ll explore those concepts as part of the challenge, but they are not necessary for my goal.


Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption[1] is an action-adventure 3rd person shooter that is set in the late (1911-1914) Old West. While it’s set in the Old West, the open game world locations and people are actually fictitious. Red Dead Redemption (RDR) is the spiritual successor to the PS2 game, Red Dead Revolver, but doesn’t share any common characters in the story lines (though you can unlock Revolver models for online play).