Ennies: The Underdog

09 Ennie Nominee
09 Ennie Nominee

The Ennies open up for voting today, and as many of you know, this blog was nominated for the Best Website category. I must say I am pretty flattered to be nominated because it puts my creation next to websites created by a couple of my favorite game designers: Wolfgang Baur (Kobold Quarterly) and Monte Cook (Dungeon-a-Day). Not to mention the big dog blog Critical-hits and the campaign wiki Obsidian Portal.

So after looking at the list of competitors in the category, I think it is safe to say I’m the underdog. Which is totally awesome because I feel like I have nothing to lose; in my mind I have already won by securing the nomination. Not only that, but it is a win for the RPG Bloggers Network, which has secured two of the five nominations this year. Hopefully this leads to a blog specific category next year, or not, if we can truly play with the big dogs. It’s open for debate.

That being said, I do ask my readers to support the Labs by taking a moment of their time and voting for this blog at the Ennies Awards site. The only thing better than being nominated would be having the underdog win, causing a major upset. I think we all love to see the small guy win sometimes (just this time it happens to be me!).

If you’re looking for a reason to vote for the Labs, I have several “selling points.” I think the biggest strength of this blog is that I’m not ad-supported, mono-gamist, or commercial in any fashion. I do promote products I like, but I don’t feel like I come away feeling like a propaganda machine for some corporation. I like to think I give everything a fair shake. So get your ass over to the Ennies site and make sure to vote.

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2 thoughts on “Ennies: The Underdog

  1. I would hardly call you the underdog in this category. You have a great site that puts out a lot of quality material. You should think of yourself as the little “Indy” project that may not have a big studio behind it but word of mouth has propelled your project into the main stream. Good luck.

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