Game of Thrones 603 – Oathbreaker

Faceless Men - Game of Thronees Podcast
Faceless Men – Game of Thrones Podcast


We catch up with some more people we haven’t seen in a while, Osha & Rickon, Sam & Gilly, we see Baelish in the recap (so we’ll probably see him next episode). Jon Snow is front and center with some possible backstory partially revealed through the visions (but are they?) of Bran Stark and the Three-Eyed Crow (also known as Ming). And Danny finds herself once again the captive of the Dothraki… but maybe she can make it work this time around.

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Music: Remix Fix have graciously published their metal remix of the Game of Thrones theme song under the Creative Commons license and we appreciate their awesomeness, be sure too check them out on SoundcloudYouTubeTwitter, & Facebook!

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