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Washburn Dimebag Signature Guitar
Washburn Dimebag Signature Guitar

Zach from the RPG Blog II asked for some assistance in gathering data about gamers’ favorite rock bands and whether or not they use their favorite music for inspiration (at or beyond the table). So our mutual blogger pal, Michael Wolf of Stargazer’s World, and I have agreed to the word out about his short survey.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the definition of rock is pretty fluid, so please fill out the survey even if you don’t consider your preferred genre as actually being rock. My current favorite band is probably Fear Factory, which isn’t exactly mainstream rock, ┬ábut that’s what I answered the survey with anyways.

Zach mentioning his idea for a survey was very timely, because I myself had been thinking about music and gamers. For much of my gaming career, particularly before the last few years, most everyone I played with listened to some form of heavy metal or┬áderivative. I can only really think of two people who I gamed with regularly that didn’t listen to metal.

Of course, I broadcast my musical interests at the bottom of [most of] my posts, so my regular readers are probably pretty aware of my preferences. I think I’ll revisit music and gaming in the near future, but for now I encourage everyone to participate in Zach’s short (3 questions) survey:

Favorite Rock Band Survey

Listening to: White Zombie – Astro Creep: 2000 – I, Zombie

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